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HyperV Vs VMWare

This post is looking at the “free” alternatives in the server arena. I will in future posts discuss desktop VM product ranges.

I have the pleasure of working with IT systems day in Day out. One of my favourite systems are the Virtualisation tools which we have available.

VMWare HyperV

What a fantastic product. Install is very simple, once installed ALL management is completed using a Website portal. Very simple to fire up virtual systems within the web console. Only drawback is the amount of cores which can be allocated to a virtual machine (6 cores)

HYPER V 2016

HyperV Core is FREE! It is covered by your server license. HyperV core uses dos and powershell as the operating system. You will need to use Powershell to setup.


Hyper V doesn’t have a limit on cores or memory, it has a small install footprint. BUT it takes significant configuration to get it to work. It doesn’t really work out the box like VMWare. BUT it is stable and offers more scope compared to the free alternatives.