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Business Backup and Storage Services

Business Backup

Computer hardware can be replaced – your data cannot. So keeping your business information safe, is a business imperative. Whilst I.T. departments work hard to ensure servers are properly working and files are backed up, it can be daunting. With UNITE you can be certain your back-up will be what you want, when you want it and that it is safe and secure!

UNITE offers both on premise server backup services and offsite “cloud” backups, meaning we meet any business requirements. Our award-winning backup technology – “UNITE Data Protection” protects your entire business by backing up your entire system, selected files, or data. Store your backups to a variety of storage devices, including local disks, network storage, centralised deduplicated storage, tape devices, and the cloud. Easily recover a complete image or selected files, folders, items, and applications. We understand the critical importance of business continuity and our backups can form a central part of your business continuity plan.

Server Backup

As a business owner, being prepared for the unexpected is critical. Your servers store your mission critical business information, so you need to be sure that this data has been replicated in case your server experiences an error or fails completely.

Server system state backups are backups of the complete server to another storage device. Backups of your data can be done manually or automatically. They can be stored onsite for quick access, or physically moved offsite afterwards for archival reasons.

Cloud Backup

Security of your backups is an area of concern for many companies. Many businesses have been victims of theft or disasters that can destroy on premise data, such as fires or flooding. An important difference between cloud backup and on premise backup is its inherent security. Whilst on premise storage can have security measures like locked file cabinets, they are still exposed to many vulnerabilities. Cloud backup data is stored off site in highly secure data centres.

UNITE provides an enterprise-grade but affordable solution for backing up your most important business information. We backup to our UK based, military grade data centre using our award winning online backup software. The on-going management of your data uses a centralised management platform with detailed reporting tools. UNITE offers both file and folder and image based cloud backup options.